Thursday, June 23, 2011

lost? no... just blind.

I am in that place again... the place where I know where I want to get to eventually (I know my destination), and I know what my next step should be... but I can't see the road ahead clearly... I can't see how exactly I will get to my destination. I have an idea of how I wish things would turn out... but I don't know anything for sure. It bothers me. I guess I just have to trust God and take one step at a time... and pray... a lot!


Nancy said...

Feel for you! Story of my life. Remember that talk by Bednar in the last conference? The one where he compared revelation to two kinds of light -- the bright sudden turning on of a switch and then the ultra gradual that comes so slowly you hardly realize it? That's the kind of revelation he said usually operates in our life. It is hard because so often I just want to KNOW exactly what to do -- no matter how hard it is -- and I'll do it, but I think we just have to keep having faith that all our tiny unsure baby steps are leading us right to the things we need to get to!

Miss Understood said...

This was soo something! Not sure what! but I started writing a blog called Lost and something more.. and just decided not to post it yet so I saved it! And now I was looking at your and.. LOST!!


Unifer said...

Thank you Nancy and Miss :)
Nancy, I listened to the talk and realized I have been receiving guidance, the kind that happen like a cloudy day :D thank you!!

Hera said...

One step at a time that is how one gets there.