Monday, June 6, 2011

Belgian Robots and Sushi Salad

What are you guys in Belgium doing on my blog every 7 or so hours? Its sort of weirding me out!!
Every 7 hours or so there is a big spike in the blog viewers log... and more than 400 of you wonderful readers are from Belgium (according to the information my blog thinger gives me).... is that normal? I mean, I am just an everyday type of blogger person... so I wonder if its some sort of virus.
Also, I have been watching Criminal Minds a lot lately, and when I realized there was a pattern... that more than 20 people from Belgium read/check out my blog every 7 hours I sort of got the feeling that this is part of some bigger devious plan! So what are you Belgians up to?
naaaaa just kidding! ..... but seriously though... are you guys real people who actually check out my blog? ... I will be anxiously awaiting a comment on this blog post... I hope you are real people and not some computer, taking over the world one blog at a time!!

Also also... I was craving sushi today... but there was no imitation crab or salmon to be had... I just had some cod or something in the fridge. I also happened to have some soy sauce, wasabi, cooked rice, a cucumber, a bowl and some chop sticks... which is all you really need to whip up some sushi salad. Simple and ohh so tasty!! yum!


Nancy said...

I don't understand the whole world of spam computer stuff, but I get visits from Brazil frequently and on my googlereader thing it shows the traffic source as some weird domain. I googled it and it said something about it being a spam sort of thing. So . .. maybe?

It would be more exciting though if the Belgians are trying to take over iceland (or even the world somehow) throgh your blog. I for one am hoping you get some cool comments spurring this mystery onward.

Unifer said...

hmm... no comments from the Belgian peoples yet... well at least I know you are not a robot Nancy! :D