Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This I hope and pray for

Today I pray to God to give me strength to do what is best for me, to love and respect others, to leave if I have to, to say what I need to, to just relax and be me. I am scared, which is probably a good thing. I am scared that I will make another mistake. I also know better now then ever before that I can be brave, because I trust that my heavenly father has a plan for me. Looking back on my relatively short life I can see that when I have followed Gods commandments my life has been blessed. I am trying my best to follow them now. I am hoping thats enough to keep me safe. I am totally vulnerable, taking a chance, not knowing the outcome, hoping for the best, but also knowing how badly it could end, if I don't stand up for myself. Dear Father, please help me remember who I am and what you have in store for me! please help me remember that unrighteousness never was happiness, please help me stay free and happy.

I want to smile and be proud of myself when I go to bed tonight.


Miss Understood said...


I like this. I could say it myself. It's so good to know that no one is perfect except God. So everybody makes mistakes.

Heaven will be so AMAZING !! <3

AshLee Smith said...

So true! I ♥ this.