Saturday, July 9, 2011

A good job heals a wounded heart

Right now I am so thankful for a job I absolutely love. It was a joy to go back to work after having two days off. I enjoyed relaxing and painting and singing during my time off. But going back to work got my mind off of the more serious and less joyful parts of my life, the things that make their way into my dreams and my waking thoughts when I have too much time.
I had the evening shift, which means it was just me and my darling angels. They make me laugh so much! After putting the two older ones to bed it was just me and the girlies. We watched "So you think you can dance" and I sang along to the songs I knew... it made the two of them laugh so hard! They even danced. I love them!! I love that no matter how bad I am feeling when I arrive at work, I always leave work feeling emotionally .... fulfilled. I feel relaxed, happy and calm.

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