Sunday, August 7, 2011

You are my sweetest downfall

I am still in pain.
Why am I still in pain?
I don't want him back, I hate him.
Sometimes I think I should have ended it. That way maybe I would feel like I still had some of my self respect. But instead I decided to give it my all, even when I knew it probably wouldn't work out, and that it was far from being what I wanted.
I am still in pain.
I don't hate him.
My brain tells me all these different things. I hate some things he did, I don't hate him. I am mad, sad, happy, excited all at the same time.
And I am bored.
I wish something new and exciting would happen.
I wish someone would come and sweep me off my feet.
I wish I could fall for someone and feel safe at the same time. But I doubt that has ever happened to anyone in the history of the world. There is always uncertainty and fear that goes along with falling and starting something new.
Life will go on.
I just wish it would go on already!


Anonymous said...

Life will go on when we allow it to go on. We hurt... we must allow ourselves to feel the hurt. When we heal, life gets better. Allow life to go on and it will. Stay strong.

Unifer said...

thank you :) your comment meant a lot to me!