Saturday, May 12, 2012

What a nice day to turn into the Hulk!

I spent all day yesterday packing and running errand and then all day today moving, unpacking and running errands. It wasn't until right after 6pm that I realized I can totally turn into the Hulk! It happened when my parents just seemed to want to chat and catch up when we stopped at their house for "2 minutes" to pick up some tools and then planned on heading back to my new place so I could start unpacking boxes. I had spent the day moving and running all over town looking for little bits and peaces I was missing and desperately needed in order to make the move.

The ingredients needed to turn one Unifer into the Hulk: lots of time doing things she doesn't enjoy doing, lack of sleep, getting overworked, forgetting to eat meal after meal after meal due to being too busy, running from one store to another to another, being constantly surrounded by people (yes, I am an introvert, I enjoy people and am friendly and outgoing, but it drains my energy like nobodies business!) add a dash of deep conversation and I am a ticking time bomb! I can't handle all that thinking and trying to be sensitive to other peoples needs when I am so physically and mentally tired. I am sort of like a baby in that way... its all about me! man, I suck at life...

Dear mother,
I love you and I am sorry I went all Hulky today

With loving hugs
Your daughter... the younger more immature one.

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Maliana said...

in my many years of life i have gained this wisdom: everyone is like a baby. everyone needs enough sleep and food and hygiene to be sociable and happy and productive. if any or all of these things fail = hulk times. it is the way of life! moving can be so exciting, but people can forget how stressful and exhausting it is :p i liked this post.