Monday, June 11, 2012

When Heart Beats Brains


please listen to this song while reading the following post.

I was meditating (yes, I meditate) and after feeling gratitude for my life and all I have been given and visualizing my dreams I realized that who I am now and all I have used to only exist in my imagination. I used to visualize being thin, being confident, being well educated, having my own place, having a mac, having a window seat in my bedroom, having a sowing machine, having a pair of red jeans and a home made pallet book shelf. It may seem stupid to some people, but its a miracle to me, to be able to look around me and see my dreams come true. It just sort of makes me feel like I already have all my dreams. They have already come true, because they exist in my mind and are not contrary to the will of God. Now I just have to wait a minute before I can touch some of them and see them around me. 

The other day I took some time to read old blog posts, and a few of them talk about dreams and wishes and hopes and prayers, but one of them stood out to me. I wrote about the future I imagined, and some of the things I wrote about have already happened. Part of what I imagined was me holding my chinese daughter. I don't know why I wrote that at the time, but when I went back and read it my heart told my head that its true. My head can't see it yet, but my heart knows she's out there. 
Do I seem crazy to you yet? 
I really don't care very much. The logical part of my brain tells me I am crazy all the time. But the dreamer in me and my heart tell me I am going in the right direction. Sometimes the best things in life seem crazy. 
Take love for example. Love is basically acceptable insanity. 

I choose love over logic.
I choose to adopt a chinese baby girl.
I choose to be thankful for all of my blessings, both the ones that are tangible now and the ones I have but can't touch yet.

when heart beats brains anything is possible

yay for all of life's adventures!

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