Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dreams, names and weddings

I feel like my name should be Charlotte today, I have so much to say. Thank heavens for paragraphs and headlines. I know that might not make much sense to you but I don't really care. Just go with it!

Dreaming of sinful things
I had another dream where I was drinking and smoking and sneaking out of my parents house to party with my friends. Right before I woke up it was Saturday evening in my dream and I was on my way out to meet friends. I was on the bus trying to find a place where I could smoke without anyone seeing. I still fully intended to go to church the next day and take the sacrament. Crazy dreams! But when I woke up I started thinking about all the things I do that aren't right but I have become ok with. There are so many things I could be doing better and should be doing better. 

On the subject of name changes
Speaking of repenting....
I just realized that when I change my name in about 8 weeks I will be getting a fresh start. When people google my name now, theres a lot of random stuff from my life that pops up. In 8 weeks when people google my name they might find a couple of wedding photos and maybe my Facebook account.
Its strange. I never really thought I would change my last name.
In Iceland everyone has their fathers name. I am the daughter of Ólaf = Ólafsdóttir. My brothers are the sons of Ólaf = Ólafsson. My parents don't have the same last name either. They are children of their fathers. 
I will never stop being my fathers daughter. I love my father. But I also love my future husband, and I don't mind being his at all. 
I always told my BYU friends that I would only take someone else's last name if I loved him. And I don't think I have ever loved anyone this much. Actually, I know it for a fact.
I love you J!!

How we met
So my good friends from the blogger world have been asking to know more about this nice little turn of events.
... Actually, I think I want to do a separate post on this. So Nancy and Autumn hold on to your hats! There's a novella full of nicely fabricated facts coming your way.

For now, I will leave you with some photos I took while wedding shopping with mum...

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Hera said...

It is a good thing to change your last name when you have children and live outside Iceland. Before I changed my name I had to carry my children's birth certificates if I traveled alone with them. They were all Toutai and I wasn't. So looking at their names and mine I got a lot of funny looks from border control people. It is a good thing to look at it as a new beginning.
Changing one's names is not the worst thing in the world.