Friday, September 21, 2012

The early bird gets a lot done

So turns out the scriptures were right. No surprize there. I am getting lunch with T and just realized I have been up for 6 hours, got a huge amount of stuff done and am still smiling. Way to go life!! You are awesome. I think Ill start doing more of this. Bed time is now 11pm and wakeup time is 6:30. My style is now "yesterdays clothes" and no makeup. Who cares what I look like!! I am engaged and my fiancé is not even in the same country as I am. So, why stop at wearing yesterdays clothes and no makeup! Heck, why not just stop showering and shaving and eating healthy food too!! .... No, I think that would just make me want to throw up all over myself. And I hate throwing up!!

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