Thursday, September 20, 2012

Iceland is just code for Barbie-land

I dreamt I was getting married and when I woke up I saw the ring on my finger and realized its all true. Immitation J did nothing for me though... Well maybe not nothing, lets give'im some credit. Its just not the same as snuggling with the real deal.

Since I got back "home" to Iceland things have been hectic. Wedding planing is a pain in the ass! But then my mom said "Unnur, you only get to do this once, so you might as well enjoy it" ... so I try.
I am sure after a couple of things are in order I will feel so much better!

Also, while at the mall yesterday I realized Iceland is a Barbie factory. T and I were having lunch in the food court when all these young people came flooding in and thats when I realized all the pretty girls looked exactly the same!! They all wear the same clothes in different colours. They all have long hair which comes in two different colours; dark brown/bleach blond, and three different hairstyles; down, high ponytail, braid. They all have the same shape eyebrows but come with different eyecolours; brown/blue/grey. They all have straight white teeth and fake boobs. And they are all 17... always!
It was sort of scary.
Then there are the artsy girls. They come in: second hand/vintage fancy wear in bright bold colours, preferably some fur, high ponytail and unique, one of a kind jewelry. But still, they are all the same.
And don't even get me started on the boys!
Two types: the super tan, gym going, bleach blond, metro men vs. the "I don't care what I look like" 3 day beard, longer hair, plaid shirt wearing guys who think they are unique but are all the same!

The only people who seem to have a personality are the gingers and the ugly people!


Nancy said...

Wait. How did I miss this? Not only is there suddenly a Mr. Perfect on the scene, but you are ENGAGED to be married?? I guess a picture saying something like "and also . . ." and having a picture of a hand with a ring just flew right over my head. Clever me. I am so so happy for you! It seems like in the short (Long? I don't remember) time since discovering a little talented witty and wise Mormon girl in ICELAND of all places, this has been the very thing you have wanted -- true companionship and someone to trust and love and . . . to be honest, deal with lives troubles and yourown troubles with, and babies and coming home to someone, etc. etc. And now, it is here? So excited for you. More details about how this came to be and about what would be the same/different about planning a wedding and the associated celebrations when the marriagees are from a country totally foreign and kind of magical to me. Not that Utah isn't magical . . . heehee.

Maliana said...

oh my gosh!! i had this same experience but in canada, so my only conclusion must be that it is malls that are such terrible examples of humanity, i felt sad about it and really didnt want to be there. crazy

MoBo said...
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Hera said...

Ja svona er thetta. Mer finnst allir a Islandi klaedast somu fotunum. Best ad vera madur sjalfur sama hvad adrir segja hehe.

Nate said...

I want to find a Mormon girl in Iceland...