Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Wedding: Reception prep

I was talking to the love of my life yesterday and he said "guess whats gonna happen this Saturday in 6 weeks!" and I just about died... for two reasons. Its freaking six weeks away, which is so long when all I want is to just be married to him already... and so short considering everything that still needs to be done for the big day.
Thankfully I have the best fiancĂ© in the world. I love that he is so helpful and makes me feel so much better when I am stressing out! I love him more than anything and anyone else in the world! 

The other day I was having problems because I wasn't really liking the colours I had picked for the reception (see photo above). I took all the wedding stuff I had collected over to my sisters house, dumped it on her table and said: "dear sister, please fix it!"
Which she did. 
Not only do I have the best fiancé in the world, I also have the best sister in the world... actually, I have the best family and the best friends too. I feel so blessed!

About an hour after sitting down with my sister and staring at a table of mismatched crap, taking some stuff away and adding other things instead we came up with this:
Its a November wedding, so I thought the red and white would be fitting, but I wanted it to be a bit more soft and romantic as well, hence all the lace, some pale pink, light browns and grays. I love it!
The Relief Society once organized a "Mad Hatter" couples night at church. It was so much fun, and I especially loved the decorations. We cut out triangles from colorful material and pinned them to a string, much like the photo above. But we didn't use any lace/doilies. So for the wedding reception I want to make some. Heres what I have so far:

Now I just need to wash the lace and cut that down and then sew all the pieces together. I also found a whole bunch of this material in my material collection (which has now been donated to a charity for the most part since I won't be able to move it all with me to Wales. I am just glad someone else can use it, and hopefully it will make someone really happy!)
I am thinking about cutting the material into strips and dying it grey, pink and brown and using it to tie around chairs or to decorate the chapel for the wedding ceremony. I don't know. But I will see what I can do with it. 

I am still working on the wedding invites. I get to do the artistic side of that whole deal, while J is in charge of getting all the information and making sure we are good to go for the 10th. So hopefully we will get that all done this week so we can start sending invites out early next week. 

Also, Ikea is awesome! We were looking for places to register and they make it so easy! 
Much love to Ikea!! (Also for decoration stuff, I swear you can find pretty much everything you need at Ikea).

Check it out:

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MiriamR said...

so cool Unnur! I couldn't figure out how to put not able to attend on the facebook. I can't come and I am super sad. But Its going to be an awesome day!! So cool its going to be in wales!