Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I heart the Amish

This is me at 8am on Project free TV.com: "Breaking Amish? ... heck yeah I am watching it!!"
I am obsessed with the Amish. Too bad they will never know due to lack of internets and blog reading.
But still, much respect!


Autumn said...

The Amish are fun, huh? We have a large Amish community in the town I am from and it isn't fun getting stuck behind them in their buggies on a very small country road. I would never want to pass them because I might spook their horses.

I find it ironic there is a series of them though because they don't believe in getting recorded. It is very offensive to them because it is considered a graven image.

Side note: my Dad's mother was Amish and eloped to my grandfather.

Unifer said...

eloped, how romantic! The show is a bit "fake" I guess... it's about kids who go to NYC to see if they want to leave the Amish community. Its interesting to see how they do socially and how they deal with the emotional strain that comes with leaving such a tight knit community. Even though they want their freedom its so difficult to leave their families and friends. I really don't like shows that belittle the Amish. I don't think thats fair. Although I totally understand not being really excited about being stuck behind their buggies!!