Thursday, October 4, 2012

Living in a suitcase

I was digging through my suitcase trying to find a suitable T-shirt for work tonight when I realized I have been digging through suitcases looking for something suitable to wear for a month now. And I am not done. I will most likely be looking for something suitable to wear in my suitcase for another... 5 or 6 weeks. Not because I don't have anything suitable to wear, but because right now all my clothes live in a few little suitcases scattered around a couple of different places. 
Actually, now that I think about it, I have been living in a suitcase since the beginning of summer pretty much, house-sitting, traveling and such. 
It will be nice to be able to have all my clothes on clothes hangers and in drawers again, to know where my black jeans and all my dresses are. It will be nice to have a home where I can get comfortable, a place to come home to and a husband to come home to. I look forward to cooking meals for two (although, to be realistic I will probably be cooking meals for 4, I will eat 1/4 and he will eat the rest, what can I say, he is a real man!). 
I love life, I am so thankful for it and all of Gods blessings.

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