Monday, October 1, 2012

Success and Happiness

Success is not the key to happiness
Happiness is the key to success

Thats what someone smart said once.

So I am being happy, like all the time!! Thing is I am kind of ridiculous and need to be reminded of certain things a lot. That I am loved for instance. I need reminders that I am loved, but I have been blessed with the best fiancĂ© ever! He is so good about telling me/letting me know/showing me every day that he loves me. 

Dear Nancy

Remember when I was crying my brains out because I thought no one would ever love me, and you told me your story and told me how when things started happening they happened fast and they were wonderful! well, now I believe you. 

Dear KiddĂ˝

Remember when I thought I was in love with someone who treated me like crap and you told me I deserved so much better, and that when I would find that someone I would look back on this and laugh, thinking: "what the hell was I thinking?!?!". Well, now I believe you.

Dear kid Unnur

Fairytales and dreams come true. Prayers get answered. Miracles happen.

Dear God

Ok... fine... your timing is always right! ... and thank you, SO MUCH!

Future Mrs. B


Nancy said...

I love "crying my brains out" and I love being mentioned in a post!! It makes me feel famous, or, connected to fame . . . like a celebrity mentioned my name. Alright, perhaps you aren't a celebrity exactly, (thbough certainly you could be), but you are a far off mysterious girl in a far off mysterious country -- so, same thing as far as coolness goes.

BUT, yes! You are right. I forgot that was my story. Nobody to ever marry me and surely life as an old maid looming ahead. Haha. Then suddenly, there was my Mike. And, while I am sad to say that I have seen lots of misery in marriage -- divorced siblings, unhappy friends, I am still in love and laughing and happy with that darn husband of mine sone 13 years and 6 kids later. What? Did I just say 13 years. That's ridiculous. I still think we are young little newlyweds.

So so SOOOO happy for you!!! But . . . still want to know the story!

Nancy said...
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Unifer said...

hahah I promise to tell you the story and if you send me an email ( with your address I will send you an invite :D I totally understand if you don´t want to send your address to a "mysterious girl from a far off mysterious country" but I would love to send you an invite if you decide to do so :D And thank you again for all the encouragement when I needed it the most!!