Saturday, October 20, 2012

Me and all my friends on Grey's Anatomy

For the past couple of night I have had horrible dreams. The kind where I am angry at everyone and yelling half the time. Not the most pleasant dreams to have. Then I wake up and wonder why the heck I am so mad in my sleep. I am happy.
I figure its because I haven't been sleeping enough which supposedly causes nightmares. Before the angry dreams there were zombie dreams, but I like those way better because there is something awesome about killing zombies in your sleep. There is nothing awesome about yelling at your mom in your sleep. 
So instead of sleeping in on a Saturday morning I am blogging about my day so far. Its 10am. You'd think nothing too exciting would have happened by now. But I made a life changing discovery. One that needs to be shared with the world.
Heres a whole lot of rambling, leading up to the discovery:
Those who know me personally know that I cry quite a bit. My friends and family may not know however that I really enjoy crying. I cry when I am happy, I cry when I am sad, I cry when I get mad.... I sound so monotone. My only expression of emotions = crying. Thats not entirely true. There can be a huge different between crying and crying, and when people know if I am happy or sad when I cry I know they know me. 
Sometimes however, I like crying just to cry. Its like... ok, so you know how you shower when you are dirty, but sometimes you take a bath just to relax. Sometimes I cry because of what I am feeling, and sometimes I just cry. 
I have blogged about my love for Grey's Anatomy before. Its a show I love watching, not just because the characters are awesome but mainly because I know I will get to cry for no good reason at least once a week during the fall/winter months. It feels amazing! 
So this is where my discovery happened. It was the end of todays episode and with tears running down my face I wondered "why does this TV show make me cry so much... every freaking time!!" and as I was watching Callie's face (one of the main characters) I felt like I knew her and all of a sudden I was so sad that *SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN KEEPING UP* Mark died and it got terribly obvious to me that I feel like these fictional characters are my friends. This is ok when my brain can tell what is real and what is not. But then I discover, if I go crazy, I am quite possibly going to think I am a character on Grey's Anatomy. This discovery has changed my whole entire life! 
...Not really ...but kind of. 


Nancy said...

My sister pointed out that I have this same little problem of taking fictional characters and making them real when I finally finished reading Anna Kerinina (sp?) and began lamenting how sad I felt that I couldn't share the gospel with Levin because it was so so clearly what he needed and was searching for. I really truly get kind of lonely when I finish a book or TV series that I love because I miss the people so bad . . . like little friends have all died, or, moved on with their lives and stories with out me getting to know what those stories are.

Yes . . . now that I write that I realized it is a little . . . creepy!

Kimberly Gochnour said...

Uni, I heard once that crying is the body's way of avoiding spontaneous combustion. jk. So it is a survival mechanism! I love you and I am sooo excited for your coming nuptials.

Unifer said...

Bahahah you guys are the best!! Nancy I find it so interesting how we are so similar in so many ways and have never even met! I am thankful for blogs!! also, if you ever find yourself in Cardiff, Wales and need a tour guide, I am really good at being a fake tour guide, and I charge 0 moneys a hour! pretty good deal!!

And Kimbers, I am so sorry I won't see you this Christmas! I love you and miss you SO MUCH!! and thank you for letting me know about the whole spontaneous combustion thing!! good thing I cry so much!! Hugs and lots of love!!

Nancy said...

My mom is a geneology fanatic . . . maybe someday I can convince her we need to g to Wales to do family research!