Thursday, June 13, 2013

Awkward Bus Moments

Ok, so I have a favorite bus driver. He's my bus driver. Favorite why? Let me tell you for why! He is this old man who is very nice and very awkward. Why is he very awkward? Here are some examples: frequently forgets to stop, frequently forgets to open the doors when he stops, ocasionally closes the door in your face as you are getting on the bus (literally, door closed, face inbetween) and more. But he is still so wonderful.
There is this kid who always takes the bus in the morning and sits right by the driver. They don't talk to each other, but when the kid gets off the bus my busdriver always says "have a nice day young man". Its the sweetest thing.
Ok, so this mornings happenings made me laugh inside and smile outside. An old man who seemed equally awkward got on the bus. My bus driver seemed to know the man. They said their hellos and the old man sat down right by Mr. Bus Driver. This is what happened next:
Bus driver: Tell me something new.
Old man: no.
Bus driver: You dont have any news for me?
Old man: no.
...awkward silence for the rest of the bus ride.
I love awkward bus moments.

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