Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fixing up my Etsy... fixing up my life

It's been too long. Please don't be mad, its just kind of difficult to blog when you have a semi secret, and when you are feeling sick all the time. On the other hand, since I have not been blogging so much and I am enjoying my summer vacation from work I have had plenty of time to create, and I am loving it. I just wish I had more energy to make stuff. I still want to make so much more!! But I do have a few items to put on my soon to be updated Etsy site. Here's a little preview. 

I am currently missing church, sitting on my couch listening to Sabbath day music with my puke bowl next to me. I haven't had to use it for over 10 years and I am SO hoping I wont have to now. But on the other hand I keep thinking it might make me feel better. 
My neighbour in 102 is not helping much either. I swear that flat is cursed! J and I were the first ones to move into this building and that was only 4 months ago... ish. And already there have been three different tenants in 102. The first one I wrote a special blog post about. It included stories about drug use, mental instability and all sorts of strangeness. The second tenant was a whole lot better. We were rarely ever bothered by him. Just the occasional late night drunken phone calls we could hear through the walls, which mostly had something to do with some guy named Maggi being an idiot. The current tenant however has to be the worst! not that he does drugs. But he is SO LOUD!! He might honestly not be that loud, its just that I am feeling sick and tired and that makes him seem even louder than he probably is. I swear the guy never sleeps and listens to techno music 24/7. I am tempted to go puke on his car. But it's Sunday and that sort of behavior is not very Christlike. So I will sit here with my church music and play it as loud as my lap top will allow. 

hmm... I should probably take the photos of the white frame again... its looking a bit unprofessional. And while I am very unprofessional in reality, no one in the internet world needs to know that. shh don't tell.

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Nancy said...

What EVER has become of you tiny little Uniferkins?? Someone mentioned something today about getting to know people across oceans through blogging. And I thought, "Ah yes. My little Icelandic Unifer." And then I realized you have been a-wol for some time. Hoping that means busy with happy and good things (as opposed to unhappy with busy things).