Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why Get Married... in a Temple...

Since I am sitting at home feeling sick I figured I might as well do something to feel closer to my heavenly father. I am not much for rubbing my religion in other peoples faces. I'll gladly answer questions and talk to people who are interested. But I don't like feeling like I am being attacked because of what I believe in or feeling like I am pushing something on people when they have no interest in it, especially when that something is something so precious to me.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I believe in Jesus Christ and God the father and that He has made a plan in which I can be with my family forever. My parents are members of the church as well and when I was a baby they made covenants, promises to God, in His house (the temple) that made it possible for my parents to be married for forever, even after death. Not only did it give them the gift of an eternal marriage but it also sealed us, me and my siblings to my parents. That means that in the future when my parents have passed away and I pass away I can see them and be with them again. 

When I found my husband I knew he was the sort of man I would want to spend not only this life, but eternity with. I also knew that we would want to have our children with us always. 

There is a special feeling in and around the temple, it is something I have felt and I have seen my friends, both member and non-members feel around the house of the Lord. I would encourage everyone to go see the temple and feel the special spirit that is there,  go to the visitors center and ask away. 
The Temples are wonderful, peaceful and beautiful. I love to see the temple!

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