Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's a temporary insanity thing, I wouldn't worry about it

Once upon a time I had a heartbreak and for some unknown reason I decided to blog about it. I thought no one would read it and no one would care, but it soon became evident that that was not the case. People read and replied and cheered me on while I found my way through my emotional maze. Once I had found my way and felt centered in life I was happy to have met new people and made new friends on my journey. 
My life was gorgeous, my days were bright, my blog was thriving and my mind was at rest. 

Now I find myself in yet another maze. This one is completely different from the ones I have struggled with before. I always felt heartbreak was an experience everyone should go through at least once in life, and I learned how to deal with heartbreak. Now my heart is pretty much the only part of my emotional self that is not broken. My marriage is what gets me through the day. That and my hope for a better tomorrow. 
For a long time I felt unable to blog about my feelings because I had, in my state of rested mind, decided to become more of a "popular" non emotional, etsy centered blogger. The kind that I admire. The kind that always has amazing fashionable photos accompanying each post, makes tutorials regularly and blogs on a schedule, whether that be weekly or daily. 

I am not that blogger. 

I am the messed up kind of blogger. The kind that has emotional problems and chooses to share it with the world by word vomiting on a computer screen.  

This is my second week away from work, and my third month of feeling abysmal.

I am a pregnant woman suffering from depression and anxiety.
I am a normal human being.

I forgot how good it feels to look at beautiful photos while listening to beautiful music
This is how it feels...

All Photos Via WeHeartIt.com


Sóley Renee Mathiesen said...

Keep your chin up. And thanks for sharing.
By the way... I think the neighborhood cat is going through some hard times. That sound of a whining, depressed, lonely cat is agonizing to the human ear. Your blogs on the other hand are the total opposite. Never stop writing - even when you are blue, red or any color of the rainbow.
Love ya!

Unifer said...

like :)