Friday, September 13, 2013

Arguing with myself again

Ok, I take it back, I am fine! 
This is why I shouldn't blog. Because I keep having arguments with myself about how much personal stuff I should share on the interweb. And I always lose!
So I have been feeling a bit better, nothing huge changed, I think I just really needed to tell J how sorry I feel for messing up his life, to which he replied "you didn't mess up my life". Not exactly in those words, he said it way more romantically, but I am listening to common sense today, and it says I should keep his exact words to myself. Also, J would probably prefer I keep his exact words to myself. They were pretty awesome words and I am happy to keep them.
So for the past two days I have not been as easily thrown off balance and have even managed to do the dishes, hoover (vacuum) and fold laundry. Also, I am cooking again. 
Progress, I must say. 
I still get tired really fast and don't really want to socialize or talk to people much. Which is why I am now calling my blog my best friend. It never calls me, it never talks back, and it listens without judging. None of your comments matter... ohh wait... yeah there are no comments. Awesome.
I am totally not trying to guilt trip!


Opus T. Penguin said...

I want to see that cat try to eat that whole fish.

Nancy said...

Oh my little Unifer. Depression. Booooo. So boo. I want to smack it upside the head. I've been following you long enough to know how much you longed for the day when you would have a husband all your own and a tiny little baby to snuggle and bathe and kiss. And now that those things are real (or almost -- in the case of baby), depression rears its ugly little head trying to zap the joy and beauty out of them. Blah. I do not like it.

BUT, your spirit simply IS bright and happy and shining. I noticed it when I first accidentally came across your blog. I don't think it can be held down -- it will break through the shackles and yuckyness of this fog. It will.

In the mean time, I am so happy you have a loyal and good husband who loves you and who knows that this spell of hardness is simply part of the package of messy life, but that the real you is bright and beautiful beyond words. This little baby-coming will be so SO lucky.

Happiness happiness ahead!

Sóley Renee Mathiesen said...

Did you see my comment on your last blog. Im glad you are still writing. Because I love reading your blogs. But I love you more.
Your sister

Unifer said...

Thank you so much Nancy and Sóley... ohh and by the way, I would like to introduce you two! I am sure you would enjoy each others blogs :) Nancy meet my sister Sóley, Sóley this is my friend Nancy :D You ladies are both wonderful and so supportive!! Hugs!!

Já, Sóley, sá kommentið og likeaði það :D knús!

Nancy said...

Nice to meet you, Soley! I briefly clicked on your blog and will return when I have more time, but it looked like you were in AZ? Is that right? My goodness, if so, you two sisters are about as many miles apart as two sisters could be! I cry that one of my sisters lives as far as Texas (an whopping two states away from me) ;)