Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ohh McDonalds, why have you abandoned me!

Would you believe there is not a single McDonalds in all of Iceland. UNFAIR!! I am sat at home with Enya playing, trying to keep my happiness levels high and all I want is a stinking McDonalds burger... with a freaking pickle!! I am about to cry!
Yep, there it goes, I officially have blurry vision due to tears in my eyes... but also, I am laughing at myself. All in all, not such a sucky moment. 
I have been off work for about two and a half weeks now, the psychiatrist still hasn't called and since my introvertedness levels have skyrocketed since becoming pregnant I have been dragging calling my doctor to let her know for days. I just very much enjoy my solitude. Writing that just reminded me of a post I wrote when I was single, about how I was ready to say goodbye to my good friend Solitude. I was so ready to find someone to share my life with. Now I am married and I still love having some me time. I wonder how that's going to be when I am a mother and "me" time will happen less frequently... or never. I don't think it will bother me too much. No matter how much I love to avoid people I still always love having my husband around. Sometimes I even ask him to just sit in bed with me while I fall asleep when I am too tired at 8pm and he is not. He usually does. I love my husband.
What else is new... ohh yeah, I don't believe in ghosts anymore. If you disagree please write me a comment and tell me why. 
Also, I have started crocheting a wool sweater. I do Tunisian crochet. It's awesome!
I am so freaking hungry. I should go take care of that now.


Nancy said...

No McDonalds?? How can that be? I thought they'd taken over the entire world. I mean, come on, there was even a "kosher" McDonalds in Jerusalem when I was there!

And, solitude. You'll be fine with kids around. I mean, they are just yours and part of your own own little heart and world, so they definitely won't be like THE HORROR ;) of having to go out and chit chat with everyday people. (Heehee). But, that doesn't mean you won't still treasure that solitude. Like you, I love time alone and have never known the meaning of too lonely or too bored. But, ohhhh how I love love when my husband takes all the kids somewhere, or, even when little ones are napping and I am all quietly alone. Ahh lovely.

Lastly. Ghosts. I don't believe in them in the traditional sense of a dead person wandering the earth or trying to terrorize others. BUT, I definitely believe that the third of the host of heaven who didn't choose Christ's plan are here -- and that they love to terrorize and be "let in" whenever they can. I've had a few scary moments in my life that have convinced me they are only too happy to gain any foothold in our lives, but, I also believe they have no real power. Elder Hales said that, when we have a negative experience from an evil force we shouldn't dwell on it or talk about them -- that somehow even acknowledging them gives them extra influence. That doesn't mean a home might not need a priesthood blessing, etc., but it does mean that I try to not let them be even worth my time or attention.

AND, on a much happier note. Again, not "ghosts", but I am certain certain that departed loved ones are close, maybe even acting as a shield at times from the influence of satan's little minions. I think even ancestors who we don't realize we know, do know us (and we know them -- if we could only remember). I have been pretty positive that I have felt their love and support and even protection at times in my life. I'm all about surrounding myself with those type of ghosts!

Loves to you!

atiksikder said...


atiksikder said...


Unifer said...

Haha Nancy, you are wonderful! They used to have a McDonalds here, but it was not nearly as good as the ones I have tried in other places of the world, so I wasn't surprised when it closed shortly after the economy collapsed back in 2007. Also, it was really not that cheap... which is like a universal McDonalds rule! So it was doomed from the start!
I have thought some more on the whole ghost thing, see I have been watching "paranormal witness" with my husband and I just had a hard time accepting that ghosts could physically harm people, and then I talked to my dad about it and was like "pff its all a big fat lie and people just losing their cool when they get too scared" but then dad was like "what about Joseph Smith and the moments before the first vision" and I was like "cricket... cricket" so yeah, I guess it makes sense but its comforting knowing that we can bless our homes and such. So I am not being scared :)