Thursday, October 10, 2013

An Interview With JB

Wake up, go to the bathroom, shower, eat, go to the bathroom, nap, wake up, go to the bathroom, eat, nap... this is how my days are. Actually, taking a shower has sort of become a luxury for when I wake up with enough energy to do anything other than pee and eat. 
Monday however we had an adventure, for the first time in what seemed like forever! I would tell you about it, but my schedule is sort of tight... its time for my nap! I should really make sure I don't miss out on nap time... I might miss something exciting in dream world.

In the meanwhile, here is an interview with my husband:

Me: Is my pregnancy anything like what you expected?
J: I didnt really expect anything. I tend to keep an open mind and I don't really know what will happen unless I have experienced it before. So I had no expectations. 

Me: No expectations at all? did you think I would throw up?
J: I didn't really know... I know that generally women have morning sickness when they are pregnant. For some women that means throwing up in the morning... and keep on throwing up for the rest of the day. And for some women, such as yourself, they never throw up. So I... I didn't know in the beginning, which you would be. So I never expected anything.

Me: Do you feel more or less neglected since I got pregnant?
J: From about a month to about three months into the pregnancy I did feel kind of neglected/unloved because we weren't having anywhere near.... (the rest is private). For the past month I've got used to this pattern and I have learned to appreciate love when it is shown in other ways. 

Me: What is your favorite thing about our pregnancy?
J: That we are going to have a child.

Me: What is your least favorite thing about our pregnancy?
J: You have no energy and can't go out and enjoy things with me all the time. Not that you wanted to go out much anyway. 

Me: Do you feel like I am a lazy bum, or is it just me?
J: I.... feel... liiike..... (long pause) ... you are a lazy bum (laughs) but I understand that you don't have the energy because it is draining growing a baby. 

Me: Do I look fat?
J: Laughs... I want you to know (uses hand gestures to signify seriousness) that I love you no matter what. But your time during pregnancy, hasn't made you skinnier.. full stop. 

Me: What are some cravings you have noticed I have had so far?
J: Carrots, watermelon, water, ... what was that other thing you wanted.... I don't know, can't remember. But it was something.... long pause... dunno.
Me: I craved apples during the first trimester and I have been craving salty liquorice and acid candy (a scandinavian type of candy that no one else in the world appreciates) since day 1. ... and then there was McDonalds that one time.

Me: Have you had any cravings?
J: ... long pause... going back to your last question... and given your response, I would like to point out that you AAAAALLLWAYS crave salty liquorice and acid candy! And everyone wants McDonalds once in a while. Just most people don't cry about it. 
What you crave changes so often, in fact on a daily basis even, that I can't keep up. 
As for this question, I crave ... new video games, bits for my bike, and you. (awwwww I love my husband!)

Me: Would you go through this again?
J: Yes, I would. Because I suppose I get off lightly and its you who really struggles, but at the end of the day I think it's all worth it for a family. I just hope that we'll have plenty (the rest is private). 

Me: What are some things that were new or surprising to you about pregnancy?
J: That you didn't throw up yet. I am amazed that you haven't thrown up since you were 13. ummm... some other new things, or surprising things... were that... you just stay in bed all day and watch TV and eat, that you have no energy. I was also surprised that you didn't want (the rest is private). 


Nancy said...

I'm sorry bringing little baby into this world has been so rough! But yes to what your husband said -- worth it to have your real own little family in this universe.

And, come on, give the man some more "(the rest is private)". ;) He sounds like he deserves it. And you do to.

Hope your energy returns and you are able to enjoy this pregnancy more. And cravings. Yes. I also couldn't pinpoint cravings as pregnancy related because I pretty much ALWAYS have some nutty craving.

Unifer said...

You make me laugh Nancy!! I had to show J your comment and he said "Nancy, I salute you" as he stood up straight and saluted you. Haha, Thank you for your comment. I am feeling much happier lately, even though my energy levels are still fairly low... I keep forgetting that I need to not overdo it. Some mornings I wake up full of energy and it makes me want to do EVERYTHING! but then by 3pm I am DEAD!! and spend the next two to three days in bed... so today, when I woke up full of energy... I still wanted to do EVERYTHING... I am just going to have to stop myself at noon and take a nap and then see how I feel for the rest of the day... I guess I just have to get used to my "new" body, and my "new" life... different emotions, eating habits, energy levels etc. But yeah, I will make sure to take good care of my husband :D

Nancy said...

Haha. Glad I earned a salute. I used to always start races full speed -- then I'd crash and barely crawl in. It took me a long time to learn to pace myself and spread some of that initial energy out. Sounds like that's what you need to do on those mornings when you b wake feeling great? Pace yourself. ;)

Sarzu said...

Wow! Really beautiful photos!!