Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY Christmas Card... in October

I don't usually make or send Christmas cards, but this year since I am not working I decided to start Christmas early and do it the way I have always wanted to do it. I am making cookies, sending cards, decorating the halls... and the rest of our flat as well. J and I are sort of living on a budget though, so no splurging in this home. All of our decorations and plans are remodeled, fixed up, picked up in nature, donated or some such thing. 

The Christmas cards are all homemade, even the envelopes. Ages ago I bought some white thick paper, an eraser and evergreen stamp stuff. The date stamp was given me by a friend, you can check out her blog here, and the hole punch and paper cutter were given me by my sister, who blogs here. The string is Icelandic wool and was bought just the other day (yeah, a girl needs to spend a bit of money every once in a while even when splurging is not an option). 
 You don't really need a glue stick, don't know why I put it in there, but a pair of scissors would come in handy, just mentally switch the former out for the latter in the above photo. The eraser stamp was SO simple to make. Here is one tutorial, but honestly, if you've got eyes that work and maybe a half way functioning brain you should be able to figure it out.
Alright, so you basically start by cutting your paper to the card size you would like. It's so much fun, so simple, so Christmasy. Then the rest is just pretty basic. Not that cutting paper isn't pretty basic... It's all pretty basic. Just put on some Christmas music, grab a cup of tea, hot chocolate or whatever else you fancy drinking and create away!!


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