Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I love...

I have been posting photos on my blog from my phone and for some reason they don't want to be centered so it's back to the ol' laptop. I love my laptop. I also love my family and have been thoroughly enjoying being on parental leave with my husband and our baby boy. I love my country! we get three months each on 80% of our full time salary, well sort of... my husband got a really good deal and ends up getting more than his monthly salary from the government while on leave. It's pretty amazing! But it doesn't stop there, we also get 3 months which we can split between the two of us. Did I already say I love my country? 
Another thing I love about my country is its wonderful wool. √Ālafoss is my brand of choice. It is made at a cute little factory not so far away from where I live, but it is sold all over the place.
While at the summer cabin with my family the other day I picked up some yarn in a tiny town called Borgarnes for my new project. But because I always have to have a few projects to work on at once I also picked up some new material after I got back into town and I am super excited to make some more scarves. 
Crochet two tone wool scarf with a fleece inner layer. The snaps are usually on little fake leather bits, but I was thinking about trying some fish leather instead for an ultra Icelandic look. 
 I started on this one ages ago. I wanted to just do something without any rules of limitations, no straight lines or organised shapes. Just whatever I feel is right at the moment, whatever my hands end up doing. It's coming along nicely, but still got a bit of work to do on it before its ready.
Burgundy fleece inner layer and knit fabric outer layer, I am really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, and since I have fabric enough for three outer layers I think I will go with black fleece and white fleece for the inner layers on the other two.
My mom actually found this vintage fabric and didn't think I would be interested in it... I AM!! I love it! Don't know exactly what I should have as an inner layer or if I should even have an inner layer. 

Yay for life! 


Nancy said...

Gah!! Many moms here only get about six weeks -- which I really can't imagine! And there is nothing that grand for paternity leave. Mike can use some of his "sick leave" after I have baby so I'll have him for a week or two, but three months would be a dream! So happy you can have this time with your new little family of three! And love that you and your husband are so motivated to be creating and building and the like! I could see us meaning to accomplish something . . . and then . . . somehow simply not accomplishing it at all! ;)

Unifer said...

We actually fought hard to get equal rights for men to take parental leave. I think it should be a human right to get to spend some time with your newborn as a father. We could technically be on parental leave for longer but that would be that if say I took 12 months the money I would have received for 6 months is split into 12 months, so for people who have really good pay its actually an option, but for poor little newlyweds like J and me, we just have to suck it up and get back to work... I really appreciate my 6 months though and LOVE spending time with my family :D OHH and Nancy, didn't you just run a race while in your third trimester? I would say that is quite the accomplishment!! I was lucky if I could get up the stairs to my apartment at 8 months!

Nancy said...

So cool! So glad you guys get this time! And yes . . . a race; but, insanely slowly and a very short race! ;) I have unfairly easy pregnancies and am so tall that there is lots of room for baby.