Saturday, July 12, 2014

Trying to get that photo

Now, I have put on a buttload of weight since being pregnant and all, but I still need an Etsy profile pictures... so I recruited my husband to be my photographer. He is a wonderful man. To give an example of how wonderful he is he has spent this last week making a bedroom for our little boy. It's been hard work and the process deserves a blog post... when it's ready that is. 
But even though he is wonderful, he is not a photographer. In fact I had to ask him to take more photos of baby boy and me together because we have about a million of the two of them (since I can't stop taking photos)... and maybe two of the baby T and me... except for the silly selfies that I take occasionally.

Being mr. wonderful he agreed to help me and even played along when I asked him to pretend to be a real photographer for a minute. But as soon as I said I thought we had gotten a photo I could use he was back on his phone playing some game with ridiculous cat sounds and 80s music. 

I love that man!

Here are some of the photos from my "photoshoot" with my husband.

 This little glamour shot is when I realized the shirt I was wearing simply would not work! and then proceeded to run to the bedroom and change.

 Mmmm just plain scary! and believe me that one was mild compared to the ones that I immediately threw away.

This is my husband, in our photo studio, aka livingroom. This photo was taken about 3 seconds after I said I thought we got a good photo I could use.
One of the horrific photos I took of myself before giving up and asking my husband to help me out. Thank heavens there is a tripod for my iPhone on its way from China right now. With a tripod and the timer set on my Camera+ app I should be able to take photos myself and not have to bother my husband about it anymore, although I must admit I really enjoyed spending some time with him doing something new that neither of us feel comfortable with (me being a model, him being a photographer).

In the photos I am wearing my gray extra long hybrid scarf wrapped three times, with my sons hybrid mini attached to it. I love the combo!

To see which photo I picked as my profile pic you'll just have to go check out my Etsy shop :)

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