Friday, February 13, 2015

It's All About the Baby Bedroom

Having back to back pregnancies makes you sort of obsessed with baby things. I have been having way too much fun looking at baby bedroom interior designs. There is so much super cuteness out there! I just wanted to share a bit of it :) 
I wouldn't mind some of this gorgeousness for my baby girl. I am not a huge fan of pink, but that wall looks yummy! Just the right shade for a tomboy mom like me. And just check out all those little details. The gorgeous rug, the changing mat, the bunting on the wall. Love love love it!
Do you see what I see? a freaking wall paper circle on the wall.... amazing!!! It's not something I would have thought of myself, but just adds a bit of "hey I am the coolest most creative mom on the block" to the room. Who doesn't want some of that!
So many teeny tiny things! and that bed!! This photo must be from somewhere in Denmark. They always seem to know how to make me slobber over interior designs over there! 
Something about how colorful this photo is makes me happy. I see photos like this and they make me want to go outside and collect branches and makes something cool to put on the wall. But somehow I don't think it would look as professional if I did it myself... maybe I should just try anyways.
Once again, so colorful! So happy! I love the yellow bench and those photos on the wall are just darling! I wouldn't mind my babies having such happy colorful things in their lives!
Painted wooden floors, so favorite. The bunting on the wall, so favorite. The amount of resisting nap time coming from my 11 month old at the moment... not so favorite!

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